HSEnergy AS is a direct successor from HSEngineering AS.

The Company HSEngineering was formed March 2010 and draw on more than 20 years experience from valve,automation,subsea equipment and project management.

The companys founder started his career in the industry in 1998 at the Bergen based company Bennex , owned by Transmark International.

in 2007 Bennex was taken over by the valve and automation company ScanArmautur . The two companies merged and was named Technor Valves & Automation . 

In 2010 the owner of Technor Valves & Automation decided to sell out the bussiness.

HSEngineering was then formed and took over the valve part of their bussiness 

2014 HSEngineering was sold to SFF group and named SFF Valves . 

2017 HSEnergy AS.

We have specialized in supply of High Standard and bespoke equipment from well recognized and proven suppliers.

HSEnergy AS


Bespoked Valves and Automation for severe applications


HS Lights, ATEX/CE, Floodlight, High Bay, LED for commercial use, Aaqua Farms and more

HS an acronym for High Standard.